Latest Sun shades Collection Has Us Wishing For An Early Summer

Oliva Palermo has released her latest sun shades collection and it is making us wish that summer would arrive early.

It features six statement-making, on-trend designs with rose gold lenses, granite, marble and semi-precious stone inlays – hand-picked by Palermo and the brand’s co-founder Robert Denning.

The former reality star has partnered with Californian sun shades label Westward Leaning for a second time to launch an exclusive line of eyewear called The Rose Gold Collection.

Depending on your store type, it would even be beneficial to offer one-of-a-kind and novelty sun shades. Sports licensed sun shades can make an advantageous addition to any gift, memento, pharmacy, accessory, or apparel store. Robin Payeur, Executive Director of St. Louis Wholesale, which offers a variety of sun shades including novelty and licensed styles, recommends retailers incorporate licensed products in to their stores. “Team merchandise will forever be a great item. You’ll always have fans of definite sports and teams enthusiastic to represent their favorites in some way.” Team branded sun shades are another opportunity to attract impulse customers, surrounding major sporting events and seasons.

“We decided right away that they desired to anchor the collection around rose gold, and the rest was truly Olivia’s doing,” Denning told In Style journal.It comes as no surprise that the collection is bang on-trend but still retains a classic elegance, thinking about Palermo’s international style icon status. The fashionista historicallyin the past told that they would always be “properly dressed” in any oakley eyeglasses sale career.

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No matter what type of store you own, you have consumers who wear sun shades. It is important to have a variety, even including sports and novelty items. Payeur advises that a common pitfall is only selling glasses that match your personal taste. “Some retailers think the neon glasses are bright, or because they don’t like a style others won’t like it either. Sometimes people like to be different. They require something bold, different or fun with funky prints on them. Not the basics.” Having a broad choice, including novelty items, ensures you have something for everyone.